About Us, Celebrating 20 Years of Growth In 2021

Pasión Tea and Coffee Company Ltd was formed in 2001 and is the exclusive creation of Bahamian born and raised Julie Hoffer. Her passion for sublime teas led her to do extensive research internationally resulting in the creation of an exotic line of teas, spices, coffees, hot sauces and authentic Bahamian bush tea remedies unparalleled in the Caribbean.

As a proud member of the Specialty Tea Institute (STI), Julie’s keen palate and regard for quality has helped her to hone in on the finest ingredients all tried and tested by her own true self. Her selected teas include fabulous blends from Mlesna Teas, as well as our Pasión Signature flavors of locally sourced tropical fruits and rums.

Being loyal to her roots and her sense of cultural tradition, Julie’s dedication to building the core of her business in her country of origin, The Bahamas, is undeniable. Her aim to develop high quality products that showcase the beautiful flavors and remedies of the Bahamas islands is now a reality. These natural bush medicine remedies are secret recipes, that have been handed down through generations and offer complimentary therapies for cold and flu symptoms, diabetes, hypertension, and some cancers.

Pasión’s support of cultural traditions doesn’t stop at bush remedies, but is continued in the original and unique line of Hot Pepper Tonics and Spices produced from Bahamian grown ingredients and used daily in daily cooking throughout the archipelago. We use only pure Bahamian sea salt in our sauces, spices and culinary grinders  and have an expanding salt free range developing.  We are very proud of our recently added  “Bahamian Bush Remedy” spice blends which harness the healing properties of turmeric root, breadfruit and soursop leaf

Pasión is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in  2021.  Having expanded the product lines to encompass a well established, interesting and lively collection of coffees  blended with tropical tastes to rival the best of gourmet java anywhere we have added jams, jellies and a complete spa range to our repertoire with more exciting developments due in this anniversary year

We are pledged to continue to utilize  high quality ingredients  sourced from traditional  independent  Bahamian farmers and suppliers and our tea and coffee products are guaranteed to be Fair Trade Certified and, more often than not, come with an ‘Organic’ seal of approval.

julieinlongislandPasión is committed to preserving the natural heritage of its own country and for this reason Julie seeks to support older generations in the Bahamas outer islands by providing them with a market for their small holding produce. With a strong belief in everything Bahamian, Julie seeks recognition for these icons of the uncontrived, unpretentious, unworldly way of life and treasures the qualities and wisdom that they have to offer.

Julie is also an assistant to the National Tea Board of Sri Lanka, a member of The SCAA (Specialty coffee association of America), CHBA (Caribbean Herbal Business Association), CHA (Caribbean Hotel Association), BHA (Bahamas Hotel Association) and The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce.

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