Feeling sniffley, aching, or tired? For the first time ever the traditional Bush Remedies of The Bahamas are available in conveniently packaged parcels to heal a wide variety of ailments.
These herbal concoctions have been hand picked for centuries from the wild, tropical jungle of the The Bahamas islands and brewed up to offer relief for flu’s, cancers, hypertension, menstrual cramps, labour pains, arthritis, poor libido, psoriasis, and a whole host of additional complaints.

Handed down through the generations, these recipes of herbal medicine have remained unchanged and as natural as they were thousands of years ago.
At 98 years old, Evelyn is living proof that our herbal remedies and bush teas work.

Evelyn shares her traditional remedies with Pasión and provides us with many of the native herbs and spices that go into our teas, sauces and remedies.

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