Bahamian Sea Salt- A short history

The early European seafarers described the indigenous people of The Bahamas extracting salt from the natural brine ponds found in the southern islands of the archipelago and salt production has, and continues to this day, to be of significant social and economic importance for the nation. The “salt raking” technique of small batch production has altered littler throughout the centuries, and we are proud to support this industry and tradition by using only Bahamian sea salt in our products.

The Island Sea salt used by The Pasión Tea and Coffee Company is harvested by independent hardworking people of the non- commercialized “Salt islands” of the southern Bahamas, namely Exuma, Long Island, Acklins, Crooked Island and Ragged Island. All that is needed are the natural shallow saltwater ponds, some rainfall and brilliant sunshine. As the pond water evaporates salt crystals form at their rims. During harvest season, from April through August, the salt is raked with wooden implements from the ponds and left to dry on limestone outcrops. These coarse unrefined crystals are then packed in sacks ready for market

This all-natural product contains trace elements and minerals which makes it a much healthier seasoning than commercial table salt. Sea salt has also many uses other than culinary. Added to bath water it moisturizes and soothes irritated skin, reduces joint and muscle pain, promotes relaxation and sleep, and is an excellent and gentle exfoliant. We invite you to experience the benefits for yourselves

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