Mlesna Green Tea


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Although it is commonly assumed that black and green tea are produced from two different trees, they in fact come from the same tree. The difference in the two types of teas arises from the process of fermentation. During the fermentation process used with black tea, it turns red and then eventually black, when dried. Green tea, however, is not fermented but is heat-treated to retain its colour.

Whilst there are many teas now available in a highly sophisticated market, Green Tea has once again become very popular – it contains many reported health benefits and is extrememly rich in antioxidents and compounds that help maintain good health.

Mlesna Green Tea comes from plantations located in the high altitude growing districts of Sri Lanka – Dimbula, Nuwara Eliya and Uva. All the plantations are more than 5000ft above sea level and every leaf is hand plucked and sorted. Tea shooots grow more slowly in the humid misty clouds that often cloak the mountains. This produces tea with wonderful fragrance, light colour and exquisite subtle flavor. Box contains 30 individually foil wrapped luxury tea bags.

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