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View of site of showroom at our Headquarters

Pasión’s Headquarters:

Pasión Tea and Coffee Company
Wholesale Showroom and Warehouse,
Caves Road, Off West Bay Street,
PO Box CB10953,
Nassau, The Bahamas

The Pasión Showroom

We are currently re-designing and  expanding an area adjacent to our warehouse operation which will be opening in 2022 to celebrate our 21 years of trading  under the present branding. Once our doors are open again to the public we promise exciting and comfortable viewing spaces to accommodate a variety of needs. We will be catering to visitors and locals looking for authentically Bahamian made items , retailers large and small  looking for the exciting, innovative and attractively packaged wholesale items for their specific clientele, and those looking for gift ideas for that special occasions or conferences. As all of our packaging is designed and created  in house we are happy to  provide custom labelling, gift baskets and our very own specially designed Pasion Gift boxes according to your needs.
Our range has been rapidly expanding from the well known Pasion teas and coffee blends to encompass  a large range of culinary sauces, spices, jams, jellies and preserves; Our all Bahamian  vanilla and honey are true showstoppers for taste and quality. We are working increasingly on therapeutic products, expanding from a large range of traditional Bahamian bush teas, to our signature bush tea blends and now adding  exciting therapeutic spice blends and salt free seasonings
Our most recent foray has been into spa lines, sea salt based scrubs, salts and soaks perfumed with our especially blended essential oils and healing native herbs plus luxury lotions, Bahamian sea sponges and soon to arrive a new range of soy wax scented candles which will reflect the essence of Pasión.
All of these will soon be on view and we hope to add collectibles and Bahamian crafted items to the mix. We are very excited about this development, and plan to make it So different – So Bahamian So visit!
Until we are operational we invite you to continue to check out some of our ranges on our website, and for our wholesale customers we would be happy to provide you with our latest wholesale catalogue on request. We can be contacted by  email

Festival Place, Welcome Centre:- Temporary Relocation

The Cruise Ship Dock in Nassau is currently undergoing massive transformation and reconstruction and until reopened in 2023 the Pasión Tea and Coffee booth is situated with others relocated from the Festival Place yard to the northern side of Rawson Square on Bay Street between the statue of Sir Milo Butler and the Prince George Wharf thoroughfare. Although the space is small we can offer our new and return customers our popular products. Lisette will be there to charm you and wow you with her knowledge of all the items on offer. as well as show case her authentically hand crafted jewelry

Lisette at the Pasion Booth Rawson Square
Location of Pasion Booth Down Town Square

Independent Outlets

Thanks to the support given to our wholesale division by local traders you will also find our products in major food stores, resorts, and select retailers in Nassau and several of our family islands. Look for our logo

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