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Pasión’s Headquarters:boutique

Pasión Tea and Coffee Company
Wholesale Showroom and Warehouse,
Caves Road, Off West Bay Street,
PO Box CB10953,
Nassau, The Bahamas

The Pasión Boutique

Here you will find our signature teas, coffees, hot sauces and spices – married with an expansive collection of Bahamian art and prints – as well as our luxurious spa products and Bahamian, Caribbean and World collectables. This location is located very near to Nassau International Airport; ask your taxi driver to make a stop so you can take a leisurely browse and find that special, authentic Bahamian Gift. Or simply come to relax on our cabana and enjoy a freshly brewed tea or coffee, and homemade Bahamian cake or pastry! A restaurant and bar is also located on these premises.

Festival Place, Welcome Center, Prince George Wharf

A popular spot for both visitors and locals alike. Please come and taste some our freshly brewed specialty teas and coffees and then take home the beans to recreate your island experience at home! Situated in the Welcome Centre, the port of entry and departure for the cruise ships, this shop is ideally located for that last minute purchase of not only teas and coffees, but of our locally blended spices, hot sauces, and spa products also!festivalmap

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