Spa Remedies

We proudly introduce our line of personal spa products which incorporate the healing oils, botanicals and minerals used for centuries in the Bahamian Bush medicine tradition. The spa products which will be added not only pamper, but heal and restore through aromatherapy and intrinsic therapeutic properties of the all natural organic ingredients. Products will be

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Health and Healing

The Bahamas has a rich historical lore in the use of local herbs, plants and fruits used in the traditional remedies of Bahamian Bush medicine. We are proud to walk in the footsteps of our elders by incorporating these all natural, organic ingredients found throughout the Bahamian islands, and we remain grateful to those who

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Frozen Banana Tea-Tini

A refreshing, fruity elixir for any occasion Ingredients: • 2 cups water • 3 Pasion Tea Company Caribbean Banana Rum Tea bags • 1- 2 ripe bananas (according to taste) • Ice cubes • Sugar to taste (we suggest 3 tsp) • Squeeze of fresh lime • Barcardi Gold Rum to taste (optional) Preparation: Bring

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